Facilitating a systemic approach to change

Why do seemingly well intentioned polices and processes produce the opposite of what they are supposed to accomplish?

Our approach enables organisations to identify and address the root cause of chronic complex challenges, either as a collective or within their own organisation, leading to sustainable, breakthrough change.

Combining over 40 years of experience in both the public and private sector; including Charities, NFP, Finance, Education, Technology and FMCG. Our practical application of systems thinking is a proven change management process which looks to increase people's motivations to change, facilitate collaboration across diverse stakeholder groups, identifying high leverage interventions, inspiring a commitment to continuous learning and sustainable outcomes.

"Dragonfly Associates have added great value to our work. They have a unique talent in seeing the bigger picture whilst being positively fierce in challenging our thought processes. They take a very relational approach to their work and are constantly offering creative solutions. Driven by impact, relational capability, engaging storytelling and creative solutions which are all skills that growing organisations need."

Jennifer Morgan, Founder, The Finance Innovation Lab (WWF initiative)

Where we can help:

  • If a problem is chronic and has defied peoples best intentions to solve it;

  • Diverse stakeholders are in conflict, finding it difficult to align their efforts despite shared intentions;

  • There is a need to improve shared vision and gain insight into what is hindering goals;  

  • By improving individual's understanding of their impact on the whole;

  • Understanding why stakeholders short term efforts are undermining their intentions to solve the problem;

  • Facilitating collaboration between collective organisations or within an organisation to address complex challenges.  

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